Man Names Dog Sherlock. Wife Leaves Him When He Won’t Stop Saying, “No Shit Sherlock!”


Phoenix, AZ- Alan and Malinda Kahill had been married for 25 years when they rescued a puppy. After a few days of contentious arguing over the name of the puppy, they settled on Alan’s choice of “Sherlock”.

Alan loves a good dad joke and his reason behind wanting to name the pooch Sherlock, was so that he could say “no shit Sherlock” whenever Sherlock would shit somewhere he was not supposed to. But of course Alan had to take the time to explain that to every single person he came into contact with, making any trip with him an arduous endeavor.

There’s only so much a person can handle. And a daily dose of “no shit Sherlock” jokes had taken their toll on Malinda. It was not funny anymore and she wasn’t sure it ever really was. The fateful day finally came when Malinda gave Alan an ultimatum, “it’s either me or the dog”.

Alan asked Sherlock what he thought of the matter, to which he barked his reply prompting Alan to once again say, “no shit Sherlock”. And with that Malinda packed her shit and left.

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