Beavis AKA “The Great Cornholio” Is Losing His Sh*t Because There Is No T.P. For His Bunghole


Highland, TX- According to multiple sources Beavis is completely losing his shit over not being able to find T.P. for his bunghole. He will not be called anything but “The Great Cornholio” 24/7.

Baby Yoda joins in on the search for T.P.

“The Great Cornholio is a creature that needs T.P. to survive and we have never seen him this distressed. The community is afraid what will happen if he never gets his T.P.”, says a Highland resident.

Butthead is also starting to lose it because he has never seen Beavis stuck as Cornholio for this long and is worried for his friend. “He may be an asshole, but he’s my asshole. I don’t like to see him suffer this way”, a candid Butthead says.

Locals are asking if you have even a square of toilet paper to please donate it to the “Rescue Beavis Foundation”.

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