Bride To Be Gets Pregnant By Midget Stripper!!!


Los Angeles, CA- Bride to be had a little more fun than most during her bachelorette party. Her friends surprised her with a midget stripper by the name of “Short Man Long Dong”. Mostly seen as a prank, the bride Florence Monroe, was actually pleasantly surprise by her friends “joke”.

She’d always had a “thing” for shorter guys and was definitely curious about the “long dong” part of his name. Oh he did his little dance and most of the brides friends just sat back and laughed being basic bitches, while Monroe secretly wondered what it would be like to sleep with the little stud.

During a lap dance from Long Dong she whispered to him to come back around midnight when she knew her friends would be gone leaving her all alone. Dong shows up as planned and the two spend the rest of the night having sex.

Never telling a soul Monroe proceeded to get married. Weeks after marriage Florence and her new husband announce that they are expecting a child to their family and friends. What her husband didn’t know is that she found out days before the wedding that she was pregnant. They had decided to abstain from sex for a few months before the marriage to make the wedding night extra special.

Fast forward 9 months and the baby is born free of abnormalities, lucky for her!

Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

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