California To Legalize Prostitution As Way To Recover Financially From COVID-19 Once Pandemic Ends


Sacramento, CA- June 10th 2020, At a press conference today Governor Gavin Newsom revealed a plan to help restore the states ecomony following the COVID-19 Pandemic. The plan is to legalize prostitution. Working closely with Nevada state lawmakers Newsom has gathered enough information to put forth a plan to have fully staffed brothels by the beginning of 2021.

Surprisingly there has not been much opposition to this plan as many of the states millionaires are eager to see this ship rightened before they lose anymore money.

“There will be at least a state taxation of 25% of gross income along with local taxations that will help bring our economy back on the right track within two years” – Newsom

A lottery will be drawn for the right to own one of the initial 100 brothels. After a year the state will look at the numbers and see if opening more brothels is a good idea. The soft cap on the number of these establishments is 500. While that may seem like a lot, that averages less than 10 per county with larger counties obviously holding more brothels due to larger populations.

This is a bipartisan backed initiative as politicians across the board see this as a good idea. One congressman was willing to give us this quote under the protection of anonymity, “Finally I won’t have to go to Nevada to conduct all my meetings. The savings on travel will also help the people of California”.

We here at are ecstatic at the idea and will be sure to bring you more of the first brothel opens and we can get an in-depth look.

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