Celine Dion Diagnosed With Stage 3 LIGMA. Has Only Weeks Left To Live.


Las Vegas, NV- Popular singer Celine Dion has been diagnosed with stage 3 incurable LIGMA (Lymphnoid Intracellular Gastrioplasmasis Melivial Apadatharie). Routine blood tests the singer took last week detected anomalies in her white blood cell count. Additional testing confirmed what doctors had feared, that the singer had contracted LIGMA.

Not only was her diagnosis disconcerting, it also revealed that the LIGMA had already advanced to stage 3. She was given 3-4 weeks to live. Word has it that Celine plans to continue working throughout her final days as showing up for her fans is of utmost importance to her.

Rapid weight loss is a sign of LIGMA

LIGMA can be contracted in various ways, but the most common way is due to fatigue and water high in protobyosis. It is unclear the exact time she contracted the fatal illness, but at this time it is a moot point. LIGMA is only curable within 24hrs of first exposure. Rarely will LIGMA be detected in time due to the small window of curability.

Celine will not be holding a press conference in regards to this illness. She plans on focusing on her family and work in the coming days, not the illness.

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