Folsom Prison Riot Erupts After Inmate Throws Semen Filled Bags At Correction Officers During Chow


Folsom, CA- Throwing bags semen is an act of terrorism when you’re a prisoner in Folsom, so when Kent Green Tossed 5 huge bags at semen on Correction Officers (CO’s), all the other prisoners stood in disbelief for a short time before turning on each other and starting a riot in the process. Kent was quickly clubbed by semen covered corrections officers and dragged off to the hole. Officers would later learn that Green spent weeks filling the bags with his semen and that of other’s whom wished to donate to his cause.

Out of the other 2500+ inmates, roughly 1300 of them participated in the riot making it one of the largest in American history. Many took this opportunity to settle scores with a well timed shanking. Gangs fought each other for ownership of the yard. Some prisoners took to the showers for sexual rendezvous. Most were just punching wildly at anyone they could get their hands on.

Severely outnumbered, CO’s had to use the Inmate Suppression Incident System (ISIS) to combat and control the riot. ISIS released a nerve agent into the atmosphere of Folsom Prison that CO’s have built an immunity to. Slowly the men in the showers began to pass out. Gangs fighting over rights to the yard were losing consciousness left and right. Bodies of people succumbing to ISIS’s attack were piling up.

After about 12hrs, the fighting ceased as the majority of the rioters were now sleeping thanks to the unknown chemical agent used by the prison. Once control was reestablished, the entire prison will go on a 30 day lockdown.

When more information becomes available, we will update.

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