Grandma Takes A Bat To The Grandkids After A Game Of Monopoly Turns Ugly.


Bakersfield, CA- Melody Andrew (72) was playing a nice game of monopoly with three of her adult grandchildren one night at the trailer park. They play about once a year because it usually ends in the board being thrown into the air and no one actually ever winning. Everything was going well for the first couple hours, but when the game started getting intense that’s when things got chippy.

Eric, Derek and Lyrek were all trying to be the first grandchild to win a game of monopoly playing against their grandma. Melody thought she heard them conspiring against her somewhere during the 3rd hour of gameplay. It was then she knew this would again be, “one of those nights”.

“You just can’t fuck with me”

Melody had to go straight to jail and not pass go. No collecting of money for her after that last roll. The laughter and pleasure on her grandchildren’s faces put her over the edge. “I needed to wipe the smiles off their cheating ass faces!”, said Melody. “To come to my home and disrespect me?! Ohhhhh I needed to teach them a lesson that granny don’t play that”.

All sweet and grandmotherly like she went into the next room to get refreshments, but when she came back she was wielding a 30″ yellow bat! No words were spoking. She quietly and calmly whacked each of Eric, Derek and Lyrek across the back of the head. She kept at it until all her loving grandchildren withdrew from the game and she became winner.

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