A Study Shows Toes Thumbs Are Linked To Small Penises


Westlake, CA- Toe thumbs (clubbed thumbs) are more than just stubby digits. They can be read like a palm (kind of). Toe thumbs in men are a good indication of what size their penis is. Toe thumbs are a sign of stunted penis growth as well. Max erections of 5 inches and an average of 3 inches are the norm.

There is no science to back any of this up other than research we have conducted with various scorned lovers and bitter exes. But with as many as 13 testimonials regarding the stunted penises, we are gonna go ahead and call it conclusive evidence.

“I got me a good toe thumb man. He may have a micro penis, but he buys the big dildos. Can I borrow your ebt card?” – Lucinda Shuttlecock.

Ladies and gentlemen, when you are seeking a partner and are concerned about finding fat cock you may want to stay away from toe thumbed men.

On the flip side, woman with toes thumbs are strikingly gorgeous sans the toe thumb and are absolute freaks in the sheets.

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