Man Pukes Up 5 Whole Costco Hotdogs After Being Arrested. Claims He Was Saving Them For Later


Dirk Ribson of Modesto California was pulled over going 150mph in his Honda Civic late Tuesday night. With Speeds like that the officer that pulled him over had no choice but to arrested him and book him in the county jail.

During the cavity search, Dirk was hesitant at opening his mouth. This obviously drew the attention of the police. Reluctantly Dirk opened his mouth and when the flashlight clicked on several objects came into view that were shoved down in his throat. Embarrassingly Mr. Ribson explained that he was indeed holding 5 Costco hotdogs in his throat in-case he got hungry on his road trip.

His story was confirmed by the 5 hotdog buns on the passenger seat of his car. Dirk complied when he was asked to remove the hotdogs. With a wretch and hurl, one by one the hotdogs came out of his mouth. Police promptly took the dogs to the refrigerator in the break room. “The wieners are part of his property”, officer Coldblanc said, “Least we can do is try and keep them fresh”.

Nathan’s Hotdogs paid for Mr. Ribson’s bail and he is set to star in their next commercial.

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