Man Rushed To Hospital With 25 Toy Horses Inserted In His Rectum. Doctors Describe His Condition As Stable.


Ralph Macerow (28) of Butte MT, was rushed to the hospital after he could no longer fit any horses in his arse and needed to get them out stat! Mr. Macerow was trying to win a bet with his buddy’s to see who could fit more toy horses up their ass. Never one to back down from a challenge, Ralph promptly lubed up his fart box and began to shove horses up there.

According to reports Ralph was so focused on winning he failed to notice his friends were cracking up with tears running down their faces. They knew he would go first and they also knew that they were going to lose as neither would subject their balloon knots to such torture.

Ralph didn’t really give a shit his friends lied to him, in fact he found out he broke a record for toy horses in an ass on a Saturday. With his name etched into the history books for all eternity, Ralph decided to keep one horse up his rear to commemorate this incredible achievement.

If there is one thing we can hope to learn from Ralph, is to turn failures into successes.

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