Meet The Man Who Is Addicted To Diesel Exhaust Smoke.


Walter Remo (42) of Ojai CA, is doing his part to help keep the air clean and satisfying an undying urge of huffing down some mean diesel smoke. Walter picked up this habit back in high school when he would sit behind school buses bathing in their clouds of smoke. Some of his greatest ideas came behind buses.

Over 20 years of chasing the diesel dragon has left Walter completely fucked up. He has lost the majority of his teeth. His brain is like that of someone with full blown dementia. His mind is so twisted that he honestly believes ingesting the smoke is a good thing, that his lungs and body with filter out harmful toxins. Thus he is under the delusion that he is saving the planet. Something every Ojai-ian must at least pretend to do.

“mmmm diesel fumes make green earth. large nose fixing the large problem”

Currently there is no law against what he is doing, although you may not appreciate his sucking on your pipes. Some people are also under the delusion that this is good for the environment, but admit this is some of the stupidest shit they have ever witnessed.

Good luck Walter in all that you do. From all of us at ringsssss, keep on huffing in the free world.

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