Prostitute Claims Hunter Biden Gave Her AIDS


Los Angeles, CA- Prostitute Kylie Porter (25), was sitting in the Los Angeles county jail on solicitation of prostitution charges this past weekend when she reached out to reporters in regards to the President’s son, Hunter Biden. Ms. Porter, who was recently diagnosed with AIDS, had an ongoing affair with Hunter in the first half of 2022.

During the entirety of their arrangement, Ms. Porter had unprotected sex with Hunter on at least 1200 occasions, “I needed money and hooking up with a president’s son was too big of chance to pass up. For several months we would meet every other weekend. For whatever reason he never told me about his AIDS diagnosis. I’m not mad, I just wish he would return my calls.”, said Kylie.

“The possibility that Kylie has acquired AIDS after so many sexual encounters is substantial. While this may not come as a surprise to many, given his lifestyle, it is in fact the first time a sitting President has had a child with AIDS”, Graham Newton Canadian Minister of Health and Welfare.

Why she even publicly mentioned her health status has confounded many, but insiders believe this is all part of some larger plan to extort money from Hunter Biden.

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