Snapchat Employees Fired After Saving Nude Snaps Of Elderly Women Bathing.


Santa Monica, CA- Snapchat has found themselves in hot water after reports were leaked that two software developers had been saving snaps from users. This is expressly forbidden. No employee shall embark on nefarious pleasures by violating users rights.

Two developers were caught in the janitors closet whacking it to a cache of elderly women naked in the bath that had been saved to their personal devices. It’s not unusual for people to be getting it on while on the clock at snapchat. It’s how my parents met. But you cannot save snaps of ANYONE.

Give me 5 minutes alone with them guys who was looking at my cooter!

The two were immediately fired and sent packing. All digital devices were confiscated and viruses were sent to any other device in connection with the former employees to destroy all data. Expect this case to go federal and for Snap Inc. to shell out some serious cash to the victims.

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