The KKK Goes WOKE! No Longer Will They Be Racist Pieces Of Shit


America- The KKK have released a statement to the public claiming that their racist ways are now a thing of the past; “For too many years have we hid behind our little white sheets. We’re a mob of middle class white men with fat wives who make us cucks. Too long have we unjustly targeted people of different colors, races and as well as minorities as a whole. Just because we are garbage humans does not mean we need to bring others down with us. So let me proudly say that the KKK has now gone woke! That’s right, we will now think about others before ourselves. We will think what we can add to life instead of take away. Many of us have cut ties with the LGBT (Let’s Go Brandon Texas) clan as well. We can no longer justify being racist pieces of shit.

“We, the white, have had the privilege of being the majority for so so many years. As most older white folks revolt at the progress America has made over the last decade in being more understanding of our differences but as well as celebrating our similarities, we realize that if we hold onto our old ideas we are just hurting humanity as a whole. No longer do we care if the white races prevails, if anything it’s our turn to take a back seat and let wiser people than us take over”, Grand Wizard Dragon Elliot Spencer.

It is a happy day in America when the KKK finally takes accountability for their horrific history.

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