Woman Finds Used Condom From 1994 Under Her Right Boob


Camarillo, CA- Belinda Miles (55), went to get a physical for a new job this past week. While being examined the doctor lifted up her right breast for inspection and out popped a condom. A used condom at that!

Embarrassed and stunned, Belinda tried to wrack her brain as to how the hell this came to be. And like a bolt of lightning she remembered. “I had put the condom under my tit when I went left the house so I wouldn’t forget it. It was the pool boy that used it. Had to hide it from the husband lol”.

I’m fairly certain there are more condoms and or items yet to be discovered under her titties. –
Dr. Preston McLively

There is no boob damage even after years of storage under her massive mammary gland. She has since washed the condom for use in the future. *highly not recommended to do*. Belinda couldn’t explain how she never noticed it. She claims to frequently wash under her melons, but we highly doubt that. Her husband was unavailable for comment as he is dead.

She is scheduled to appear on an episode of Dr. Phil in the near future.

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