World Wide Shortage Of Adult Toys Has Some People Going Bananas


Butte, MT- One industry often overlooked during these trying times is the adult toy industry. The powerful motors that drive and shake massive vibrators are in short supply. The silicon used for your double sided 18in. weapons of mass destruction, also in short supply.

This has left 100’s of millions of people feeling empty. With conventional methods to fill one’s hole no longer a viable option people are turning to more, shall we say “home grown” methods. Fruit has always been natures tasty phallic symbol and why should it not be enjoyed in all of one’s orifices?

*anonymous electric car space mogul, “I have two bananas in my ass right now”.

Someone picked up on the idea of using bananas as a convenient and healthy way to pleasure yourself and get a nice snack in at the same time. According to one research scientist bananas have, “a nice firm husk that really feels right at home in your bum. When you’ve gone bananas deep in your backside, go ahead and tear that bad boy open and reward your efforts with a nice treat”.

Some have chosen to keep a banana in their back side for possible future use, while some are content to rush a grocery store after the fruit has been delivered. What ever you inclination in regards to bananas, you have to admit it’s a win win.

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