Kid Rock (51), Found In Hotel Room Early Saturday Morning


Detroit, MI- Robert James Ritchie, AKA “Kid Rock”, was found in a Detroit Hotel room early Saturday September 23rd, 2022. Rock had been seen the night before at a Waffle House with a large entourage laughing and joking over waffles and malt liquor.

Somewhere between the waffles and his 3rd Olde English tall boy, Rock disappeared. He was last seen leaving the restaurant with two ladies of the evening who had been frequenting the parking lot. About 3 a.m. his group had started to worry when he was not answering texts or calls.

Picture of Kid Rock on a barrel looking American.

Being that they were in Detroit and the chances of something bad happening high, his pals called the authorities around 5 a.m. It took authorities less than an hour to find Rock at a local motel called “Lucy’s Beachside Inn”, which was strange because there was no beach around.

The door was kicked in after the front desk advised officers to which room was Rock’s. What they witnessed when that door flew open will forever be seared into their minds. “Rock was surrounded by small piles of cocaine and viagra. Two shot out call girls were picking scabs while he lay there”.

Because this was Detroit and the cops were fanboys of his, they helped him clean up the scene and sent Rock on his way home. Kid Rock was unavailable for comment.

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