Life Size Replica Of Donald Trumps Penis To Be Displayed At The New Museum Of Miniatures


Los Angeles, CA- The man the myth the legend, Donald Trump will have his own exhibit at the new Museum of Miniatures opening this summer in Los Angeles. It is said that the replica was built off of specifications given by Ivana Trump and several Russian prostitutes who are familiar with the shape and size.

The life size replica will be one of the few exhibits in the new museum to be of actual size. “Because of the minuscule size of his penis, we could not make a miniature and have people see it with the naked eye. Therefore it will remain true to life, but also fall into the category of miniature because of its 1.37in. of total length”, museum curator Felicity Connor.

“The former president is honored to have his own exhibit and is in the process of making arrangements to be at the grand opening to sign photos of his presidential cock”, Trump aide Alisha Hansley said this past Wednesday. This is some very exciting news for anyone interested in being a part of history. “I can’t wait to see the cock of the man who ‘Grabs ’em by the pussy'”, says an eager fan. Vladimir Putin is also said to be planning on attending the premier as well.

The museum expects to host in excess of 1,000,000 people on opening weekend.

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