The BTK Killer Endorses “Like Minded” Trump For President In 2024


Dennis Rader (77) AKA “The BTK” Killer, has recently spoke to media about the upcoming 2024 presidential election and his views on a possible candidate. Rader has been a known detractor of Trumps in the past. “Impeach President Trump. That’s all I’ll say about him.”, Rader was quoted saying a couple years back.

But recently he has changed his tune, “I now see I was mistaken about Donald Trump. The liberal media had skewed my perception of him into something of a monster. But a recent one on one conversation with him has helped change my opinion of him. We had some good locker-room banter about women and what not. By the end of it I could tell that we were like minded”, Rader said.

“In the presidential election of 2024 I will be backing Donald Trump and will do everything in my power to see him back in power”, Rader concluded. Sounds like good news for the Trump camp. Having an influential man like Rader can do nothing but aid in his attempt regain his position of power.

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