Will Smith Banned From Entering Canada, “We Don’t Need Anymore Violent Americans Crossing Into Our Country” – Justin Trudeau


Ottowa, Canada- Justin Trudeau has announced that Will Smith may not seek refuge in Canada, “For years our borders have been open to our neighbors from the south, but let me make this clear, we don’t need anymore violent Americans in our country . We are aware of Will Smith’s plans to seek asylum in our great country. This will not happen. We must make an example and who better than an academy award winning actor”, Trudeau said.

Our insiders have it on good authority that Trudeau and the majority of Canada’s citizens are in favor of a locked down border between Canada and the U.S. Denying Will Smith will set a precedent that celebrity status in the U.S. will no longer garner you favor in Canada. “Violence has no place in Canada. If we can deny Mr. Smith, we can deny anyone”, Trudeau continued.

“Anyone who can slap another with impunity should not be allowed to walk our streets. We have a care for each other here”, said an ordinary citizen in support of their government. What this means for travelers and non-violent Americans wishing to enter Canada is still unclear. Many believe this may be the first move in which Canada completely shuts America out.

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