Houston Man Goes Blind After Jerkin’ His Gerkin’ Too Much


Houston, TX- My grandma always told me “I would go blind if I didn’t stop beating my meat”. I should of listened to her. Bratxon McDouché 27, went to the hospital after his vision started to rapidly disappear.

Doctors were baffled as to what was causing the sudden onset of blindness. A myriad of tests were conducted on McDouché and there were no answers as to why this was happening to him. Thinking it may be neurological, doctors ordered a CAT scan. It was during this test that the cause of his blindness was uncovered. During the scan McDouché started to arouse himself.

The scan was stopped as doctors now had an explanation to the cause of his deteriorating vision. They didn’t know how to tell McDouché, so one fast thinking doctor called his grandmother in to break the news. Grandma McDouché had only one thing to say, “I told you you would go blind”.

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