Los Angeles Man Wanted A Bone Organ Just Like The One From The Goonies. Gets Arrested For Grave Robbing.


Los Angeles, CA- Linus Rickenbacher is spending time in LA’s twin towers for the next 9 months after being caught grave robbing. He was looking for bones to recreate the iconic bone organ from the goonies.

This is the iconic Bone Organ from The Goonies Rickenbacher wanted to replicate.

Rickenbacher would stay away from fresh graves and he needed fully decomposed bodies with bones ripe for the picking. He calculated that he would need 8 full skeletons plus 2 more for good measure to create a replica of the Goonies organ.

This is one of the many caskets Rickenbacher plundered in his search for bones.

He decided to get no more than 2 skeletons from any one grave yard at a time as it takes about 4 hrs to remove each with a shovel. On his 4th night of grave robbing, Rickenbacher was caught carrying a rib cage to his van by cemetery security. The security officer tased him and held him in custody until authorities could arrive.

A policeman spoke to us under the condition of anonymity, “This is one sick fuck. Not only was he going to make an organ out of bones, but he had started work on a dining room chair set. I tuned him up on the way to the station”.

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