Man Released From Prison After 35yrs, Breaks The Law To Go Back After He See’s How Screwed The World Is. Says He Feels “Safer” On The Inside.


Phoenix, AZ- In 1985 Carl Montana was convicted of 4 counts sexual battery and attempted rape and sentenced to 50yrs in prison, but after 35yrs DNA proves he was innocent.

Initially Montana was thrilled at the idea of getting out, “man this all seems like a bad dream. You know I’ve spent all these years in here knowing I was wrongfully accused. Sad thing is a lot of inmates will say that, but i really was innocent. Made it real difficult to do my time, but after a while you lose hope and the years just pass by. I feel fortunate to be vindicated.”

Maricopa County DA, Allister Adel is determined not to let these kind of things happen again. “This was bad, very very bad. Shouldn’t happen. Nice guy. Wouldn’t have him over for dinner, but nice guy”.

Montana won an undisclosed amount of money in a settlement with Maricopa county. After about two weeks Montana was starting to see what the world was really like and had this to say to a news reporter, “people were kinder to each other on the inside. Out here no one cares for the onther unless they believe the same way. In prison there is respect for peoples differences, not the same goes on out here.”

Shortly after this interview Montana Robbed a bank with an Airsoft gun so he could return to prison. “I’d rather be in prison where I am safe, than out with a wad of cash the county gave me. Money is not worth how people treat each other on the outside.”

While this may seem drastic to some, to Montana it’s a no brainer, “I’m back home and couldn’t be happier”.

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