The California Cannibal Has Finally Been Caught!! And You Won’t Believe How He Was Found Out!

Berkeley, CA- Max Hoffman (44) was arrested this past week. Hoffman has been linked to the deaths of 7 people, of which 5 are suspected to have been meals for Hoffman. Hoffman had alluded police for 4 years, but it was not until he went vegan that he got caught.

Hoffman being a vegan in and of itself is no crime (yet) and announcing it to the world, is not a crime either. However, it was his new vegan friends that uncovered the truth about Hoffman. A fellow vegan who wishes to remain anonymous told us about how he stumbled upon the California Cannibal.

Authorities answer questions on the arrest of the California Cannibal

“As we do with any new vegan, we as a community go to the persons house and help them remove all things non-vegan. Sometimes this can take hours depending on the amount of items a person may have. As I went through his bedroom I came across a jar of teeth (trophies Hoffman would keep of his victims) and I noticed there were just too many to come from one human. On a hunch I took one and turned it into law enforcement, who later matched it with a missing man.”

Hoffman claims that a vision he had while on mushrooms is what motivated him to stop eating people and to going vegan. Hoffman cleaned his house of all evidence except for the jar of teeth. “I would get aroused each time I would see them in the jar. I just couldn’t let them go”.

His perverse attachment to the teeth are what finally did him in. A total of 7 people were identified through dental records. Hoffman confessed and accepted a plea deal for life in prison.

When asked why he did it, Hoffman said this in response “I don’t really want to get into that, but did you know that I’m vegan now? Like we have one earth and being vegan I am doing what I can to preserve it for future generations. I’m vegan and loving it. Vegan is the way to go. Vegan vegan vegan”.

Where Hoffman is going there will be no vegan food…


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