The Trick or Treating Trio to be on the watch for!

Houston, TX- The trio of Mark, Tom and Travis, who have ties to the Mexican Mafia, are coming for unsuspecting individuals handing out candy this year just like they did last year. The three show up in costume like anyone of short stature would and survey the landscape of the house the best they can.

Travis has an eagle eye and can spot if the candy giver is alone or not. If it looks safe to rob, the three force their way into the home and rob the people blind. No one usually sees the trio escape, but it is expected doggy doors play a part in that.

Houston Police Department urges anyone who sees suspicious activity to immediately call the proper authorities. Also, says Captain McShipley, “if you see kids with goatees, you may want to shut the door in their face and seek help”.

The Mexican Mafia declined to comment other than to say, “we don’t know no stinkin’ midgets!” So be careful this halloween and take all the proper precautions.


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