Twitter Has Announced Another Orange Man Ready To Take trumps Place Once He Is Banned

Los Angeles – Sources inside Twitter say that there is someone already waiting in the wings to take the place of orange man when trump gets kicked off the social media platform. With violations racking up it is only a matter of time before Mr. Loompa is the official twitter orange man.

A recent poll of people with high school diplomas was taken on whether this would be a welcome change. 98% of those high school graduates were in favor of the change. Of those 98% they also agreed that there will be a contingent of people who will scream fake news and shout out some sort of defaming slurs via their keyboards.

“herdy gerdy wet and turdy”- orange man

Mr. Loompa has begun training for this inevitable coronation by eating lots of hamberders and drinking plenty of covfefe. When questioned on whether he could handle the responsibilty of orange man on twitter he said, “listen, this jagoff should be held more accountable than anyone for their behaviour and not acting like a child in mrs. doubtfire’s body. So ya I can handle being totally absurd and acting like a child. This is going to be a good gig for me”.

We can’t wait to see what unfolds, but we are most excited for orange man 2.0!


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