Woman With 3 Boobs Is Going Back For A 4th And You’ll Never Guess Where It’s Going!


Fresno, California – Valerie Castillo already has three breasts, now she plans on getting a fourth one. Valerie says the attention from her 3rd breast was so overwhelming and positive that she has decided to get one more breast and its location is just crazy!

“I’m going to get my 4th boob on my lower back”, says Castillo. Part of the thinking behind the placement of the new boob, was to give her partners a little something extra in the bedroom if they “happened” to be viewing her backside.

Castillo is planning on starting a GoFundMe account to pay for this new addition. She will send out prizes for each donation of $100 or more and anything above $1000 will receive a special viewing once the boob is in place.

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